I write conspiracy and suspense thrillers for those who dare to imagine the impossible, who think outside the box, who question what they’ve been taught and told, who understand that every great lie is based upon a smidgen of truth and nothing is as it seems. For those who understand that the basic tenets of all humanity—love, truth, compassion and social interaction—are the primary contributors to a happy life.

I am no longer an Indie Author or Self-Publisher. I signed with Evolved Publishing in April, 2016 and love being a part of this great team of artists, editors, translators and authors.

ABOUT ME: The usual short bio that few care to read, but seems to be an essential part of an author’s press kit. I don’t have a press kit, but I did scrape a few words together for the bio.

BOOKS: My books, my creations. Cover images, short synopsis’ and excerpts from a few of the reviews for each book, along with links to an online bookstore where you can purchase any or all of them.

BLOG PAGE: I don’t blog a lot. In fact, one could argue that I don’t blog at all—I rant about things that upset me. These usually have something to do with corrupt politics, religious incursions into secular laws and lives, and in general, man’s inhumanity to fellow man. These rants are infrequent but when I post, I always appreciate hearing the opinions of those who read them… pro or con. I do not blog about writing, marketing or promoting tips—I am not among the relative few who can or should write about those topics.

OTHER BOOK REVIEWS: These are reviews I’ve written for other books. Some are generated for myself, the individual author and the reading public, while other reviews are those I’ve written as a staff reviewer for Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards. You won’t find any “bad” or average reviews on this page. I’ve written many two and three-star reviews but I’ve reserved space on my website for those books I highly recommend and have rated at the five star level, or a four star that I rated a few tenths of a point under five.

NEWSLETTER: Please feel free to sign up for my newsletter. My promise to you is: I will publish a newsletter only when something truly noteworthy concerning me or my books occurs. So, don’t worry about getting spammed every day or even every week or month. I won’t do that. I don’t like it when others bombard me, either.

REVIEWER FOR READER’S FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS: As a staff reviewer for RF Book Awards, I see and read a lot of books. Many of these are what I call “contest material” and I’ve posted some of these on this website. If you believe your book is “contest material” you might want to consider entering it into Reader’s Favorite annual awards. The awards are internationally recognized and winners include bestselling traditionally published authors as well as a large number of indie and small publisher authors. Just click the RF banner to the right for more information and/or enter the contest simply follow the instructions from there.



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