About Me

new-bio-2-jpgFor a kick, I had my fortune told when I was sixteen. Some folks will claim ‘selfactualization’ made the fortune teller’s predictions come true. Well, the number of marriages and careers could be generated by the subconscious; but the number and gender of children, or the number of times I would escape certain death? I think not. With one exception, everything she prophesied has occurred.

I joined the Army at seventeen and that became my first career. My second career was civil service with the Department of Defense. From a total forty-three years of federal service, I served thirty-six of those in Germany. Throughout most of those years, I performed with a semi-pro band. After a recording contract and awards as ‘best band’ and ‘best album’ from the European Country Music Association, I thought music might be the foretold third career. We got close, but no cigar.

My religious conspiracy thriller series kicks off in September 2016 with ELOAH: THE DRUIDS (a short story), and the first novel, ELAOH: NO HEAVEN. ELOAH: NO HELL comes out in October, and in November, ELOAH: NO RELIGION, along with the series paperback, ELOAH. Audiobooks and foreign translations will be published as they become available throughout 2017. Here then, is my third career.

I hope you will look forward to my next novel BOOMER, in the fall of 2017. This conspiracy thriller revolves around the Bilderberg Group and the secret plans, plotted in the 1920’s, that have dominated our world with war, disease, assassination, poverty and death; all for profit, but also for the very few— immortality.