The Eloah Trilogy kicks off a series of Eloah novels and short stories.


He looks like the images we have of Jesus, with the scraggly beard and bushy eyebrows. His skin is much darker though and his mournful eyes are a startling blue. His name is Eloah, though he once used the name Yeshua ben Yosef a.k.a. Jesus; but he is not the Son of God. He’s back to set the record straight and stop a religious war that could set our human evolutionary clock back ten thousand years.

In our reality, Israel and Iran are on the brink of a war that could explode into a nuclear World War Three. The entire Middle East is boiling with religiously ignited hatred and death. As the wars escalate and the numbers of refugees increase, Eloah announces his return at the famous Kölner Dom in Germany. In the audience, Jack Schmidt and Doctor Elizabeth Washburn are two reincarnated souls who once walked with Jesus. Kate Barrow is another spiritual mate with Eloah and all three are vital to the success of his current mission.

“I suspect this first part of a continuing story is going to become a classic read.” Patrick – Reviews by the Thursday Interview

“His knowledge of the Bible, first-century events, quantum physics, and current science is remarkable. The story is imaginative and interesting. He keeps even the skeptical reader riveted to the outcome. He does a better job than Dan Brown.” Seeley James

“… there is a great deal of artistic license taken in the writing and, in this case, this really works; the inclusion of conspiracy theories, paranormal occurrences and historical accounts mesh nicely together to make this a complete and unbiased viewpoint of what is a highly flammable issue.”Cate’s Book Nut Hut



“Mr. Allen’s ability to weave fiction with historical events while building this story just plain worked. No Heaven is an engrossing read, and will give the reader much to ponder.” – Barbara Garcia for Reader’s Favorite Book Reviews.

Not everyone is joyful at what many are calling, ‘The Second Coming.’ Sebastian Smythe, the first Black Pontiff and newly elected Pope John Paul III, on the receiving end an Eloah threat, wants him stopped at any cost. For different reasons, the FBI and CIA want Eloah captured alive. But none of these are more dangerous than an evil alien being with powers equal to those of Eloah, intent on turning the world into a personal playground, crushing all who stand in the way.

“Yes, this has all the hallmarks of a Dan Brown book, but I definitely prefer Allen’s Jack and Elizabeth to Brown’s Langdon.” – Demelza Carlton, Author

Eloah and his followers have evaded capture and death by government agencies and religious fanatics; although for Kate it was a near miss. In Eloah’s reality, emergency action is taken to retain Kate’s spirit before she can enter the Light. In our reality, there is much to do for Eloah’s big day of enlightenment. The box that Jesus wanted buried two centuries ago must be found, the Pope and the U.S. President must be convinced of their vital roles in what Eloah hopes will become a new world in PER-8. But, a new threat has arisen in the form of an alien being, far stronger that anyone could imagine. This creature’s goal is to stop Eloah from spreading his message of truth; thereby disabling his own plans for world domination.

ELOAH: NO RELIGION (Link available 21 November 2016) no-religion-final-mini

Mr. Allen sweeps you along with great characters, suspense, and action; but equally as important the story depicts how world, and religious, leaders would probably react to the coming of a being – Eloah (Jesus), be he the Son of God or merely a super being from another universe with the purest of intentions.” – Readers’ Favorite Reviews

A holographic display of ancient history, visible around the globe, an epic battle between good and evil, a resurrection, startling announcements by the Pope and US Presidents that will change the world for the better… it all comes to a head and a final conclusion in this final volume of the Eloah Trilogy.

“This is an interesting concept. If you step back and try to open your mind, you can actually see where the author is coming from. While I may not readily agree with his belief, it’s something to ponder. I would recommend the book to anyone willing to consider other alternatives.” ~ Keats

“Alternative history, mixed with paranormal and science fiction. It’s set in present days, and has a backdrop of world affairs that makes what happens in the books entirely plausible. The villain in this book is one of the best characters I’ve ever read. I REALLY hated him by the end of the book.” ~ CJ Rutherford

“A unique blend of sci-fi, religion and conspiracy, thriller, and a touch of romance. Definitely recommended.” ~ Kim Murphy

ELOAH: THE DRUIDS the-druids-mini100 B.C.E.

An alien spaceship crash, an unknown evil passenger, and an Elohim teacher of The Way—the Earth we know will never be the same.

On PER-Three, Eloah, like Buddha before him, is an Elohim teacher of The Way, preparing for a mission among the Atrebate tribe on PER-Eight. The druid crash creates an emergency and an opportunity to start his mission sooner than planned.

The evil passenger finds a habitable human fetus in ancient Egypt and here it will grow… and wait to wreak havoc on the human population of PER-Eight.