In “Echoes of Atlantis,” numerous subplots conjoin to support the main theme in a rousing adventure by David S. Brody.  The lost civilization, Atlantis, has been the subject of thousands of books both documentary and fiction, but there are few that capture the essence of the Atlantis legend as well as “Echoes of Atlantis.” echoes-of-atlantis

A historian couple, Cameron and Amanda often place themselves in peril as they chase down events of the past. When Amanda comes into possession of a spiral necklace and Cameron stumbles upon a human skull that dates back as far as twelve- millennium, neither associates one with the other. A series of seemingly separate events by disparate groups however, puts the couple and their adopted daughter, Astarte, squarely in the middle of a dangerous triangle.

A story with such a large cast of characters and several subplots running simultaneously requires great authorship to keep the reader in the story without losing track of any of the subplot lines. Mr. Brody handles this potential problem well and ultimately brings it all together for a satisfying conclusion. The author is equally talented in maintaining a sense of verisimilitude when some of the ‘facts’ used to support the fiction are artistically altered. Among the tenets in “Echoes of Atlantis” that drive the story are the existence of Knights Templar in the North American continent, that descendants of Atlantis control a power that could alter the world… not necessarily for the better, should it fall into the wrong hands, and that there once was an alliance between the Knights Templar and Jews; an alliance that could be rejoined to steal the power from the Atlantis descendants. In summation, “Echoes of Atlantis” is a rousing good mystery/thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend to all Dan Brown and Michael Crichton fans.

Reviewed 27 September 2016 for Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards


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