Gettin’ Down with Dan Brown

“After the huge success of Dan Brown’s “The DaVinci Code” da-vinci-code-coverI suspect that any author would love to be compared to that best-selling author, let alone deposit one of his royalty checks! And with “Eloah: No Heaven”, the first volume of Lex Allen’s new Eloah series which is firmly in the same genre, the comparisons are both apt and inevitable.” -Guy Teague.

no-heaven-final-miniPicture me looking into a mirror, with this paragraph from a recent book review for No Heaven running through my head. See my head? See it swell? See steam drifting out of my ears? Cringe at the thought of my head bursting like a watermelon dropped from the third story onto concrete. No? Well, try this one —

“The story is imaginative and interesting. He keeps even the skeptical reader riveted to the outcome. He does a better job than Dan Brown.”- Seeley James

A better job than Dan Brown, are you kidding me? The man who wrote the international bestsellers Angels and Demons, The Lost Symbol, Da Vinci Code and Inferno? And let’s not forget his ‘getting wet behind the ears’ works, Deception Point and Digital Fortress? That Dan Brown?

I’m flattered, amazed and dizzy imagining the doors that could open following such praise. My imagination knows no bounds and includes the ultimate — an endorsement from The Man himself. But, how does one go about getting said endorsement? I thought of writing him an email or a direct message on Twitter but would he see it? He has an office and a staff that manages his website, tweets his tweets and screens his emails. IF I got through to him, what would I say? Nothing, because before I could embarrass myself by contacting Mr. Brown in any fashion or form, I read this article:  No, I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script.  I’ll wait for you to check out the article.

You’re back? Great. So, as you can tell from reading the article, only a fool would attempt to obtain endorsement from a celebrity. My mama never raised any fools. Dan Brown endorsement is a no-go. I was okay with that, I accepted it in my heart until I rediscovered another couple reviews:

“In the tradition of Dan Brown… this is a book about church conspiracies and cover-ups. That’s where the similarity ends, though, with a far stranger truth involved than any Dan Brown book, as the paranormal plays a part in Allen’s No Heaven.” – Demelza Carlton

And this… “If you like ‘Dan Brown-esque’ thrillers with some social criticism tossed in to make you think, then give this one a read.” – Antonio Simon, Jr.

And another… “On the surface, it’s a supernatural thriller with a religious tread – think Dan Brown and the like – with science-fiction (other worlds, aliens, theory of quantum mechanics…) and supernatural. If this is the kind of story appeals to you, read it; you’ll love it.” – Danny

And… No, no more. I try to avoid beating the proverbial dead horse whenever possible. My heart be damned, I can’t… I won’t write Dan Brown or bore you with more of my ‘the next Dan Brown’ review excerpts. But, I will enjoy the warmth in my gut that comes from the sure knowledge that if I’m getting all these reviews that suggest my books are as good as those of Dan Brown; I must be writing something right and good.

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