Four hundred years ago, a clockmaker was forced into slavery by a brutal Austrian nobleman. Frederick Jori becomes a prisoner in the lord’s castle, tasked to provide a “miniature city of automatons to… [amuse his master] and impress the aristocracy.”

mechaniclismEventually, he succumbs to unbelievable torture and provides his tormentor with the desired product, albeit with a gruesome twist. In 21st century San Francisco, Ireland Barton is a brilliant scientist that suffers from a rare immune disorder that keeps her confined to a plastic bubble. In “Mechaniclism,” authoress Lynn Lamb, brings converges these two events into a brilliantly orchestrated dystopian thriller.

Ms. Lamb has created a story as shocking as anything horror writer Richard Laymon ever conceived, and as ominous in setting as Stephen King’s “The Stand.” Throw in some fantasy elements along with several unforgettable characters and you’ve got a certain best-selling novel destined to become an international mega hit in movie theaters.  This story is perfectly orchestrated and delivered. The characters are few, but each is impeccably described and true to life. “Mechaniclism” was a book I could not put down. A caution noted on Amazon’s book page reads, “Mature Audience…” should not be ignored. However, Ms. Lamb is adept at insinuation and allows the reader to imagine their own details. Where Laymon explicitly describes horrific scenes, Ms. Lamb leads you to the scene and lets the reader imagine the details. I loved this book and I’m eager to read more of this author’s work. I think you will be, too.

Reviewed 2 June 2016 for Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards


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