Reality Unveiled

In the mid-sixties, I read a book by Doctor Joseph Murphy that talked about the power of the subconscious mind. The information was mind-boggling for a young teenager but the author wove his concepts with religion and prayer to such a degree I missed, and subsequently disregarded, the spiritual message within. Still, as I endured the religious brainwashing of every child growing up in America’s Bible belt at the time, a spark was ignited that eventually led me away from religion. Years later, I discovered the works of Doctor Michael Newton and past lives regression therapy, and a few years after that, a book titled, “The Secret.” These and, by now countless books, articles and personal discussions have solidified my beliefs in the immortality of the spirit and oneness of the universe. Nothing I’d read, however, was equal to the carefully designed and presented concepts of Ziad Masri in his book, “Reality Unveiled.”

From the concept, The Law of One—creator and creation—to the spirit realm and history of our world, Masri presents these difficult to explain ideas, with plenty of scientific examples and background, so that everyone can understand. As well read as I am in these concepts, Masri surprised and enlighten me in several ways. For example, his take on the Law of Attraction (The Secret) is eye-opening, summed up by a Carl Jung quote, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” Masri explains the tremendous jumps forward in human evolution and development in periods of time less than one percent of what evolution (as we define it) should have taken. He talks about visits from otherworldly spirits (my avoidance of the word “alien” is intentional) that have helped speed up human development here and elsewhere throughout the universe and defines their monuments, created many millennium ago, both here and on other planets and moons visible in our galaxy.

Masri combines these and many more concepts to create a vision of purpose, hope and a connection to infinite knowledge, but most of all he leads us to the foundation that holds all of creation together—love. I highly recommend “Reality Unveiled” to everyone interested in the secrets of life and all that life entails, from birth to death and life beyond death.

Reality Unveiled by Ziad Masri was reviewed as an Advanced Review Copy for Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards; the book had not yet been published.

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