Targeted Attacks, Targeted Outrage

Using chemical weapons against a civilian population has once again raised its ugly head and created cause for the U.S. to step up its war campaign in Syria, give Trump a boost in his worldwide ratings, and let’s not forget—distract world interest in the Russia Election Campaign Connection!

Tell me, please—what makes a chemical attack on a civilian target more disgusting, more abhorrent, more outrageous and worthy of condemnation, political drama and fear than conventional bombing of a hostile target that kills untold numbers of civilians… the so-called collateral damage? Want the truth? Nothing. Nothing makes this attack more worthy of outrage. Civilians, innocents are dead either way and one method is a disgustingly bad as another.

What makes a chemical weapon attack more inhumane than the lack of support for the millions of people in third world countries starving to death, used as experimental subjects in the biological warfare experiments or simply ignored by their governments who are selling the countries resources for millions and providing nothing to their people?

Biological warfare… what? Most thinking people on this planet have figured out the outbreaks of a variety of viruses always… ALWAYS occurs in third world countries. Don’t be fooled… it isn’t coincidence, it isn’t their environment or lack of hygiene (although these are contributing factors that enhance the test results). It’s an experiment to determine the best ways to eliminate large populations while simultaneously developing antidotes to save the “worthy” populations of the world. Simple, isn’t it?

Use of chemical weapons in war has been around at least since WWI. There have been earlier experimental uses, but WWI was significant as it was the final proof of concept that opened the chemical weapon’s Pandora Box and ushered in a whole new world of products for the Military Industrial Complex to expand. While instilling fear and condemnation in the populations of the world, the MIC urged their puppet governments to experiment and establish a new branch of warfare… chemical warfare, and produced not only the weapons, but a sundry list of defense equipment. Every army of the world developed chemical warfare units to defend against chemical attack.

Now, President Trump, has used the chemical attack on a civilian target in Syria (certainly horrific) as reason to flex his military muscles. The world news broadcasts the outrage, while simultaneously inducing fear of greater war. Governments around the globe, allies of the United States, are praising Trump’s act while the enemies of the U.S. are rattling sabers.

Meanwhile, corporations and banks continue to increase their stranglehold on the enslavement of the majority of the world’s populations. Democratic governments, in particular that of the United States, continue to pass laws that increase financial servitude while decreasing individual rights and liberties. Every dystopian film ever produced, every dystopian book ever written has foretold the finality of the road we as a race of people are traveling.

I’m for changing direction. Anyone else?