An Open Letter to Millennial and Gen X Americans

First, allow me to apologize for the mess my generation (Baby Boomer) dumped on your future. I won’t go into all of it here, but please know that I and many of my generation fully know of our part in the current disgraceful and dangerous situation the United States finds itself in at this point in history. It was inadvertent, to be sure; but, nonetheless deadly if something is not done to reverse the current sociological, political and financial situation We the People of the United States, and in fact, the entire world (thanks to globalization) are currently enduring.

Second, I’ve discovered, on a variety of social media sites and forums, a distinct lack of presence from young men and women of your generations. All I’m seeing are baby boomers, less than half of whom support Trump and his staff of fascists while being the most vociferous, and the majority of my generation decrying the raping of our country (her people and land) by spouting nothing more than outrage, signing petitions and agreeing with each other on social media with little ass and no fight to back up our words.

Despite our apparent helplessness… it’s not our fight, it’s yours. It is your future, the world you must live in, raise families, and hopefully enjoy peace, security and well-being. Baby Boomers will support you, but you must take up the banner and lead. It is your fight against an establishment that grew to become a monster from the establishment we helped build… an establishment we thought would “do the right things.” Well, they haven’t and on behalf of my generation, we’re sorry, and though we know how to fix it, we can’t do it ourselves. We need your help; rather, we need each other’s help—our sense of what needs to happen and your technical expertise, youth and energy to lead and follow through. Here’s what I think needs to occur. I’ll start with the most difficult, but necessary hurdle to establish and allow the rest of the actions to follow:

Set up and grow (FAST) a ground roots movement to establish a third political party. Senator Bernie Sanders showed us how to do it. His main supporters (those who drove the train, activated the internet and in fact, established his prominence across the country and the world) were from your generations. Yes, you made it all happen with your technical expertise in the world of IT, advertising, marketing and promotion, and you can do it again; but this time with a leader of your generation. As good as Bernie could have been, as great as Senator Elizabeth Warren could be—a Gen X or Y leader would be far, far better. Forget about the Democratic Party changing to meet your needs. There are not and never were two political parties in America… only one that appeared to show a choice by advertising themselves as opponents. They are both owned and operated by the highest oligarchical bidders. Even when it seems they are doing good things, saying the right things, they are simultaneously doing better things for their peers and keeping as quiet as possible about it as they go. The current administration and Congress is nothing short of a deja vu of Hitler’s Third Reich in 1933 when Hitler became chancellor. The Trump administration is following, almost to the letter, the plans established by Joseph Goebbels (in this case Steve Bannon). Be alert for a false-flag terrorist attack. Hitler had the Reichtag (the German Congress) building burned and blamed it on the Communists. His ratings (if there were such things at the time) would have shot up quickly, just as Trump’s will as the nation unites in flaming patriotism against a fake enemy.

The target is the 2018 elections—that’s what I meant by FAST.  The 2020 elections may be too late. I’m not crying wolf here, the 2020 elections may be too late! The aim is to place as many third party representatives, senators, governors and mayors as possible into office. It matters not whether these people replace republicans or democrats—remember there’s no difference in them.

Attain a majority in the House and Senate in the 2020 elections. This is the goal of the grassroots effort, the ultimate success of a third political party. From this advantage changes can happen. Primary among these changes should be:

Agreement to amend the Constitution or enact laws to:

Establish term limits for all Congressional seats, federal courts and the Supreme Court.

Repeal Citizens United and establish a fund that supports individual campaigns for future political offices. No lobbying, individual or institutional funding permitted.

            Establish a budget that reduces defense spending by 50% and channeling that money into programs that enhance the living standards of the homeless and poor, changes to the ACA that fixes current problems and bettering our public school systems with up to date technology and courses expedient to the current world economies, sciences and social standards.

            Step up efforts to slow and or stop climate change by shutting down old, fossil fuel energy sources and increasing sun, water and wind generators.

Stop privatizing prisons, water wells, schools and other heretofore social programs (fire, police, planned parenthood, etc).

Establish strict regulatory laws on banks and corporations while instituting a “flat rate” tax based on profit. Eliminate tax free laws for institutions like churches, evangelists or private foundations.

Eliminate the IRS/income tax and substitute those lost tax revenues with a nationwide sales tax on all purchases except food and medicine.

There’s more… much more, but you’ll have time to work on those things as you go. So, what do you say? Will you ignore my pleas or will you unite, find a leader and take charge of running the current ruling class from their lofty perches? Let us… the Baby Boomers see you taking charge and I promise, we’ll be right behind you in full support.