Take The Power Back!

Guest blog post by Niklas Stephenson


“Take the Power Back!” “Revolution!” “People for Power!” “Fuck the System!”

Since the election of the orange wanna-be mini Hitler I have been reading so many commentaries, columns and discussions all ending with a call for Revolution or System Change. In the apparent hopelessness of our time we desperately cry for figures to enter the stage that we can cling onto and cower behind. Sanders, Trump, Stein, Warren, Michael Moore, LePen, etc. – usually the convenient populists for concentrated power structures. They stay within the systematically placed framework of opinion but lead you gently along it’s border. Newspeak calls it Revolution while others may consider it Reform.

The two big ends of the political sphere are a general mess: The so-called “Left” is too busy destroying itself whilst the “Right” clings onto scapegoats and victimization of self, which works out nearly every time, because it is easier to stay selfish rather than trying to change yourselves.

The power structures are not visible because they find themselves in the socioeconomic wastelands produced and carried by our deluded self indulgence. Our self indulgent vanity and materialism opened the flood gates for the power structures to settle silently within our society without having to expose themselves – until it almost breaks. Thanks to an asymmetric balance of power [dependency] we think, speak and act analog to the systems. When the power structures begin crumbling due to extreme inequality, rampant militarism or the raping of earth the populists come along with rhetoric bait that we bite every time. The bait is morphed to enormity so that we cannot see the systems in place beyond the bait.

To identify power structures is to identify yourself and coming to realization that your individual actions and thoughts are manufactured within a framework only leading to obedience. Consciousness permeates change and change cannot exist within individualism – yet the first step to change is the individual’s realization of it’s place in society, as well as within systems and the universal cosmos, and, if need be, challenging these positions critically or collectively

Don’t wait for the savior – be the savior. No one person or group can dictate an answer – it is up to all of us. We are not ready for answers, yet. We need to formulate the questions first – as a people.

Pictured above “Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali. Sometimes referred to as “Wastelands.” We are in the Wastelands again and time is melting away. What comes after the Wastelands? Does time continue?

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